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VRICA Issue #3:

This issue things picks up right at the cliffhanger from Issue #2. A Group of terrorists have taken over a posh suburban Mall in New Delhi and butchered the innocent citizens relentlessly. The Government has sent in Team VRICA in their nw Avatar. Can they stop this carnage? Will a super soldier be revealed? And what about the terrorists? What's their deal?

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VRICA Issue #1:

Catch the exciting first issue of India's First Millitary Superhero series right here. The action begins here!  VRICA is India's first ever Military Superhero Comic - from the Stable of Chariot Comics - catch the excitement, adventure and action in this power packed series

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VRICA Issue #2:

In the first issue you saw the VRICA team become victims of an unprecedented Natural calamity. A prisoner escaped as well. This issue things take a different turn as a posh suburban Mall in New Delhi is attacked by a bunch of merciless and highly trained terrorists - with no previous background or known motivations

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Templar #1:

Templar - A mythical fantasy adventure, set in a
world you have never seen. Catch the
adventures of a young Indian prince Vashisht as
he enters and learns about the world of the
Knights Templar - extraordinary warriors forged
from arcane magic of the old!  War, siege,
floating fortresses, Saracens, Crusaders, Magic,
Science, Steampunk! You need more? 
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Damned #1:

Some call him a sorcerer for hire, some call
him a mercenary against the forces of evil.
Are his motives more sinister and powerful
than even his enemies dare imagine?
Watch Anga as he unravels the truth
behind the layers we donít see - for a price
we donít know.
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Bhopal: A Human Tragedy

A Chariot Comics initiative where we are
supporting artists and writers who comment on
pertinent social issues of our times.  V K
Shashikumar and Dipankar take you through the
incident, its aftermath and the social context in a
comic book narrative format. Read for free here.
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